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Step into the garden of love and lust.
With its many seducing aspects you will be enticed to enjoy and play.
Nurturing erotic products of the SHiATSU series to captivate the senses on all levels,
awaken the body‘s awareness, increase the susceptibility for tenderness and body contact.
Experience the aphrodisiacal scents, vitalising aromas, stimulating perfumes.
Become the ceremony master on your journey in the garden of love.

HOT Collection Folder 2016/2017

SHIATSU – The Garden of Love

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ero by HOT


After years of research, we have prepared this new series with well-known aphrodisiac extracts and raw materials to give women and men an absolutely different experience of the act of love.
For more fun during sex, lust and love.
HOT Collection Folder 2016/2017



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PRORINO – ero black line


Save the Rhino – Take PRORINO !

The end is almost at hand for our world’s rhinoceroses threatened with extinction!

The widespread misbelief that rhino horn powder increases potency or has a medicinal effect has contributed to nearly all rhinoceroses falling victim to poachers and big game hunters. Particularly in the Asian region enormous sums are spent for the absolutely ineffective rhino horn powder.
The horn is mainly just keratin, which is what our hair also consists of.prorin_savetherhino

In the future HOT Productions & Vertriebs GmbH will be raising awareness in this area with the assistance of its international connections and financially supporting the
ENDANGERED WILDLIFE TRUST SA in its work, thus contributing to our descendants still also being able to marvel at rhinoceroses.

HOT Collection Folder 2016/2017