After years of research, we have prepared this new series with wellknown aphrodisiac extracts and
raw materials to give women and men an absolutely differen experience of the act of love.

For more fun during sex, lust and love.

The new Taste …… stimulating gel oral pleasures!
Blowjob Gel gives a refreshing feeling in different flavors.
Pamper your partner with an intense, stimulating oral pleasure.

In today’s days and age many factors such as stress, metabolic disorders and relationship issues affect libido and potency.
This special blend of Vitamin C + L-arginine and Angelica root extract can enhance women’s libido and male’s ejaculation can be delayed.
To achieve the wished results, it is advisable to take these drops regularly over a longer period.

Special ingredients can make your love life even more thrilling & exciting and transport you into totally new realms of sexuality.
The time-proven extracts can give her & him even more power & energy for an erotic love life.

We have used well-known active ingredients, especially for the man, to bring even more fun into his love life.

Intensify your climax with these stimulating and exciting products.
You can use them to make your love life even more intense.

To make your love life even more interesting.
For a tighter and more intense feeling during your next amorous adventure.

The care produce specially developed for HIM . Do you want to have longer staying power?
This cream/spray can enrich your love life.


Especially developed for men, who want just a little bit more.
For more strength & pure passion during one of the most important acts of the world.

What man doesn’t want it?
For more stamnia & power in erotic loveplay and for a fulfilling love life.


Relaxing or tightening or bleaching effect … caring pleasure at anal intercourses.


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