2in1 Massage & Glide: Extremly high quality personal lubricant for the highest demands.
Perfectly suited for the use with condoms, toys, rubber and latex.
The quality ingredients are very gentle on skin.

Organic & vegan, waterbased lubricants with carrageenan, against vaginal dryness or the dry feeling.
Medical product for usage in the genital area. Eco-Tube of renewable raw material.

Organic & vegan, waterbased lubricants with carrageenan, against vaginal dryness or the dry feeling.
Medical product for usage in the genital area. Eco-Tube of renewable raw material.

Organic & vegan, waterbased lubricants. Especially pleasant to the skin. Gives a silky soft touch. Eco tube made from renewable raw materials.

Waterbased lubricating gels for highest demand to lustfully increase the skin lubrication. Don’t stick and leave behind no residues.
Used for more pleasure, aditional warming feeling or anal inercourses. The lubricants are further enhanced due to moisture.

100% edible lubricating gel!
The edible waterbased, lubricating gel which comes in a choice of 5 exquisite flavors.
The ingredients are also used in food and are therefore suitable for consumption.
The fresh and fruity taste on the lips and tongue makes for oral sex even more pleasurable and interesting for both partners.

NATURELUBE – aloe vera
Natural feeling! The tried and tested ingredients of Aloe Vera and natural substances provide comfortable lubrication.
WATERLUBE – springwater
Wet & slippery feeling! Natural substances and Alpine spring water distinguish this product.

Cosmetic silicones that are usually only used in high quality cosmetics.
Suitable for high and extreme demands.
New: our best silicon lubricant „Premium Glide“! Extremely soft with perfect lubricant film. Satisfies highest requirements.

COMFORT OIL a+  the special oil combinations help to relax skin and muscles.
Elasticity increases and a light anaesthetizing effect is reached.
Anal Exxtreme Spray is particularly suitable for lustful anal intercourse.

Intensify your orgasm with HOT O-STIMULATION GEL for women. For even more enjoyment and pleasure.
Made of selected ingredients. Especially for HER.
It will help you make your love life even more pleasurable and lush.
Orgasms intensity blood circulation and help you deal with stress and relax.

7 high quality massage oils available in great fragrances, or completely odourless.
Pamper yourself and your partner with these massage oils and discover your senses of touch and smell.
The specially developed oil base and the composition of the smells make it possible.
The ingredients and Vitamin E bring not only a great massage experience, but also a perfect skin complexion.
For clean and silky skin. The exquisite fragrances indulge the senses and arouse erotic sentiments.

BIO Massage oil for a beautiful nourished, silky skin. Exquisite fragrances pamper your senses und arouse erotic moods.
Biologic and vegan massage oils from <80% controlled organic farming.
Eco bottle out of renewable raw material.


High quality Penis Power Cream/Spray and Caps for Men can boost your performance.
Stimulation Cream&Spray for women with selected essential oils can have a stimulating effect on both body and mind.
Can increase the feeling of pleasure and can vitalize.

RHINO Long Power Products
Absolutely outstanding delay creams & sprays for HIM!
Works proactively and effectively against premature ejaculation.

Treatment pack to increase the efficiency of man or woman!
The main active ingredient of Man POWER CAPS is extracted from Aloe Vera plants.
The main active ingredient of Woman POWER CAPS is originally found in extracts of Spirulina algae.

For the embellishment of the cleavage and breasts.
Supports the firmness and fullness of the breasts, and beautifies the skin.
The natural active ingredients present, such as hops, malt and guarana can increase breast size and firmness.

Food supplement – The main active ingredient of eXXtreme power caps originated from Cardamom roots,
which have been used by native South American as astrengthening agent for centuries.
these caps also contain guarana powder.
Guarana is invigorating and refreshing, stimulates, sharpens perception and may also increase stamina.

However, to increase the overall effect these caps also contains Muira Puama extract – which is known amongst natives for its strengthening and libido increasing effects.
To round it off, there is Vitamin B3 and Folic acid, specially developed form the female composition.

BASE-STABILIZER-OPTIMIZER-BOOSTER the XXL-Serie for perfect combinations


Perfect creams to stimulate enlargement with a unique ingredient combination.

Many sexually active women and girls suffer from vaginal dryness, which can have various causes.
After giving birth, by taking the pill and/or drugs, smoking, menopause, stress etc.
HOT INTIMATE CARE Series does not contain hormones and fragrances.

Feel yourself free with the HOT INTIMATE CARE SOFT TAMPONS.
You will never have to quit sexual intercourse, sport, spa & wellness under the duration of the menstruation.
This tampons are stringless, made of comfortable material and allow comfortable wear time up to a maximum of 8 hours.
The perfect complement to conventional tampons and pads.

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Save your body – clean your toys! Hygiene at its best!
For cleaning all love toys as well as all types of love dolls.
The balanced formula ensures that HOT „Clean“ can be used with any suitable materials.

C.O.M.E pelvic floor trainer
urinary incontinence and sexual problems in women are often in weak pelvic floor muscles.
Also, body posture and figure problems can be attributed to the fact as well as complaints of pelvic organs after pregnancy.
In general, therefore, every woman is recommended a pelvic floor training.
The hoped-for success of conventional training methods remains wishful thinking because these are either too inefficient to consuming or control is missing, if the correct muscle is trained.

In connection with internationally eminent scientists and physicians the revolutionary exerciser COME was developed for the optimal design of the female pelvic floor.
Based on a scientific study it has been proven that with a 2.7 times greater COME increase in muscle strength could be achieved during an exercise period of just 6 weeks – compared to a control group receiving only conventional isometric „lost in“ trained.

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