Step into the garden of love and lust.
With its many seducing aspects you will be enticed to enjoy and play.
Nurturing erotic products of the SHiATSU series to captivate the senses on all levels,
awaken the body‘s awareness, increase the susceptibility for tenderness and body contact.
Experience the aphrodisiacal scents, vitalising aromas, stimulating perfumes.
Become the ceremony master on your journey in the garden of love.

Researchers are convinced that these chemical messengers are perceived on a sub-conscious level.
You have certainly heard the familiar phrase „to be on the scent“ of someone.
This refers to the fact that we make many decisions based purely on our senses.
The fragrance of this superb quality perfume brings a further enhancement to your stylish flair and personality.
Try it for yourself and experience the unique effect!

The special combination of active ingredients such as clove, cinnamon, and rosemary oil make this spray and creme special products.
Aloe vera nourishes the skin. You will have a closer and more intense feeling on your next love affair.

Indulge yourself and your partner with these massage oils and experience your senses – feel and smell the luxury.
The specially designed oil base and the mixture of scents make it possible.
The ingredients with vitamin E give not only a massage that feels wonderful, but also a perfect complexion.
For clean and silky skin. The exquisite fragrances indulge the senses and arouse an erotic atmosphere.
Use a small amount of the oil in a bath for two and enjoy the scent and the special feeling on the skin or use after showering on skin that’s still wet.

Water soluble. Extremly high quality personal lubricant for the highest demands.
Perfectly suited for the use with condoms, toys, rubber and latex.

The quality ingredients are very gentle on skin.

Exciting intimate gel with stimulating extracts, can have a stimulating effect.
For particularly tasteful moments.
Allows you to start foreplay perfectly, or can also be done in a pair if your partner takes over the application of the stimulations gel.
A small tip of the finger is fully sufficient to throw you into ecstasy and lust. Particularly suitable for application on the outer labia.


High-quality waterbased lubricant, now edible. With various exquisite and exciting flavors.  
Slip tastefully with lychee, papaya, mango.

Edible water-based massage oils in 5 flavors – Made in AUSTRIA For eating and licking during playful massages!
Let your fantasies run wild and enjoy the different flavors and a special kind of massage with your partner.
These massage oils are very nourishing for the skin, they penetrate the skin and make it supple, the skin does not dry out.
The ingredients are also used in food products and are therefore suitable for consumption.

Thanks to the high quality ingredients, the lubricants are very gentle on your skin and safe to use over long periods of time.
Lubricants can be a huge help and also enrich your love life.
Ideal for use with condoms, massage toys or rubber and latex products, or just to stimulate lubrication of the vagina.

An arousing perfumed massage cream for sensual and seductive body games with your partner.

They are produced by both men and women and have a positive, friendly effect on other people.
To seduce, includes candles, music, lights, and home fragrance by SHIATSU.

Stimulation Series for women with essential oils.
They can arouse the soul and give erotic pleasure of the intimate body areas.

Penis Power Cream MAN with essential oils, which can arous soul and body.

Penis Power Series for men with essential oils.
More powerfully benefit the mind and body and for outstanding erotic pleasure.


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